Find out what some of my happy clients have to say about working with me.

Tamarin Howse

Owner, Better Tea Co.

We are a global team building company with partners in over 90 countries. I have been working closely with Carlotta for over 2 years. She has helped me with the set-up, update and content management of the new websites for our global partners. Her attention to detail, professionalism and commitment to seeing a project through are outstanding. Carlotta is a person I can fully trust and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Esther Daniel

Head of Marketing and Partner Engagement, Catalyst Global

I am an IT Services provider and I have just recently started to use my Facebook Business Page more often. I wanted to see what opportunities were available to me for my page. Carlotta provided me with an initial no-obligation strategy call. After this, I was happy to take her on to work on my profile. Due to her tireless work, I was able to increase likes for the page by 500% with a minimal cost. I will happily continue to work with Carlotta for Facebook Advertising.

Dominic Tutty

Managing Director, Chop IT Services

Carlotta walked a long journey with me regarding birthing my website.
This was a long conceived project and idea – to give birth to all that I’ve collected and become in the field of medicine. I was looking for a midwife that could assist me in this delicate process. And Carlotta presented herself as the one fit for the job. My website-midwife.

Trust was the initial ingredient that allowed me to choose her support. This same trust evolved and transformed as the journey together unfolded. Another important and powerful characteristic that I see in Carlotta and that I greatly value is her resilience and persistence. She patiently walked the journey with me, clarifying all the doubts that surfaced along the way.

Adding to this there is a layer of kindness that is essential as one gives birth to something so personal as a website – that I see as an extension, a representative of you. She was always very respectful of my insights and suggestions and at the same time guided me with her clear knowledge and notions regarding website construction.

Carlotta is flexible and firm in a balanced way and that allows the journey together to be very smooth and tranquil.

Thank you very much, dear Carlotta, for helping me to give birth to this aspect of me.

Dr. Marta Antunes

Mv Medicine - Portugal

We are a content creation company and are always looking for team members who do great work. Carlotta has been supporting our team in writing and proofreading for us and our clients. I am happy to recommend her with pride to anyone! She is an A+ team player.

Stephen Martin

CEO, Virtual Innovation - New Zealand

I contacted Carlotta as I needed a cover for my portfolio. She promptly came back to me with an array of very attractive, creative and colorful designs. I was highly impressed! I did not know which one to choose as they were equally nice! At the end, I went for the purple triangle design. I was very satisfied about the speed and quality of the service received,besides the kindness of Carlotta! I highly recommend her.

Patrizia De Giorgi

English Teacher - Thailand


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