If you are a service provider, consultant or coach in need of new leads but you are short of budget to run a paid campaign, you can use your personal Facebook profile to get free leads.

Yes, you have heard right, FREE leads.

You might think ‘How?’. The process is very simple and I will outline it in this article.

You may or you may not know that some information on your FB personal profile is public:

  • Your profile picture and cover photo
  • Your bio

People check your personal profile, there may be some potential clients among those people, make sure you make the most of that public info.

How many Fb groups you are a member of?

If you are like me, probably quite a few. Groups of topics you are interested in and groups you use for business networking.

 How many times have you read a comment from someone in those groups and clicked on their name to check their personal profile?

If you are like me, many times. Surely many people have done the same when they saw a comment from you. They clicked on it to check your personal profile. 

So, as I said before, make the most of your personal profile to catch potential clients.

Cover Photo

So, if you are a service provider, coach or consultant and you are offering a free download, a course, a masterclass or something else along those lines, make sure to use your cover photo to tell people about it and get them to sign up.

For example, I offer a free download.

This is what my cover photo looks like on my profile:

I say what the freebie is about and I placed a call to action. The cover photo is clickable. If people are interested, they will click on the image and they will be taken to the description where I strategically added the link to sign up to the free download.

This is what it looks like:

facebook free leads

When people click on the link, they are redirected to the sign-up page to get the download.

You can do the same with your lead magnet, course or masterclass. Make sure you place the action points – text, call to action and your image (if you add one) in the centre so that it displays well on mobile as well.

You can easily create the cover photo with Canva. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for free.


You can use your bio as well to get free leads. The bio can only contain 101 characters, make sure you write clearly what you do and you have enough space to add your link (the same link you used in the cover photo description).

This is what my bio looks like:

Your Details

Now, you can set your details to private or public. If you are a service provider, consultant or coach I would strongly recommend you set key details to public:

  • Work
  • Website 
  • Social links

Potential clients will see them and access them easily.

This is what my details look like in my profile:

That’s It!

All done! With these simple steps, you will be able to start collecting FREE leads from your personal profile.

I hope you found this article helpful. Now, take action and start implementing. If you any questions, please do reach out. I’d be happy to help!