200% Monthly Revenue Growth in 3 Months

Transform your purpose-driven brand into a profitable and scalable eCommerce store

How we grew this New Zealand brand’s e-Commerce monthly revenue by 200% in just 3 months with Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

Over 9x Return on Ads Spend (ROAS)

Client Industry:

Health & Wellness

The Problem:

This New Zealand e-Commerce brand, specialising in quality earthing products to help people to connect with the Earth’s natural healing energy, came to us with the goal to grow their online sales.

Having launched a few years earlier, they’d built a successful brand through organic marketing and some DIY Facebook and Google advertising, but the brand was growing slowly.

Blake Marston, Founder and Director, had been thinking about the need for professional advertising for a while.

He had previously run Facebook Ads himself, but he felt like he was throwing money at Facebook. He didn’t have the time or the expertise to see where his dollars had been spent and what kind of ROAS he was getting.

Grounded Kiwi has high-quality earthing products that are proven to help people increase their health, energy and sleep. They also have a very active and engaged audience on Facebook.

Grounded Kiwi needed a skilled e-Commerce Facebook Ads expert to fully manage their Facebook and Instagram advertising and help the business grow faster.


“I’ve been thinking about the need for professional advertising for a while, I feel like I am throwing money at Facebook without knowing what return I am getting.” – Blake Marston

The Solution:

We designed a simple yet effective e-Commerce traffic system to drive traffic and sales through Facebook and Instagram ads:

1. We started with a complete audit of their Shopify store and we optimised it to get a better user experience and increase conversions.

2. We did thorough research on our client’s market and product. We analysed data from their previous sales and current customers to determine their best-selling and popular products.

3. We created Ad creatives and copy in line with their brand voice, and audience targeting designed specifically to suit their various different customer segments.

4. We built high-quality, engaged audiences using content that is warm and supportive, and we included lots of social proof, which is essential when advertising on a saturated platform like Facebook.

5. We drove traffic to their online store promoting the most popular products, using ads that illustrate and highlight the benefits and unique points of difference.

6. We retargeted warm traffic with sequential messages and offers, depending on how recently they viewed the products or how far through the checkout they made it.

The Results:

The most significant factor contributing to the success of these campaigns was a very well-thought audience segmentation and targeting strategy.

Multiple creatives, utilizing both videos and images, tailored to resonate with different audience segments and to promote different products, also played a very important part in the success.

grounded kiwi facebook ads results

Within 48 hours of kicking off the ads, traffic to the website started to increase and from that point on, it has taken off like a rocket.

Within 3 months, we generated over 9x Return On Ad Spend (for every $1 spent on ads we got $9 in return!).

We have increased sales monthly revenue by 200% in just 3 months!

And we doubled our client’s stretch target in just 3 months!

Today, we continue our partnership with Grounded Kiwi and the brand keeps growing and scaling.

“After 3 months we doubled my stretch target. That speaks for itself. They’ve really exceeded my expectations there! Definitely recommend Arona Consulting, it’s a good partnership for any business which is looking to get their product in front of their customers.”
– Blake Marston, Owner and Director, Grounded Kiwi


It’s important to mention that they are selling quality products and they already had a proven history of sales when they approached us. That’s important. The best ads in the world won’t help if you’re trying to sell something of poor quality or that no one wants. 

We can’t wait to see what our next e-Commerce client brings in!

What Our Happy Client Said:

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